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Journey to Self Discovery

Welcome to Tropic Salvi- where street life, surf culture and tropical adventures meet Mesoamerican folklore.


I'm Steve Moises. Born in Los Angeles and proudly raised in a Salvadoran American household, my artwork is centered on self discovery. From humble beginnings, my family endured  generations of rural living- relying on farming and traditional knowledge to sustain life in the Salvadoran tropics. Since immigrating to the U.S., my family has overcome poverty and paved the way for me to earn my bachelor's degree in Film and Visual Media from UC Riverside. It is because of my family's resilience and support that my work breathes excitement and purpose today. 

As a Latinx visual artist and content creator, it is important that my work is true to my lifestyle and community values. I'm a kid   at heart, and rely on a sense of childhood wonder to fuel my creativity. If I can help empower a new generation of minority leaders, I will have succeeded as an artist. Here's to my Latinx surfers, skaters, musicians, and all those that are unique and under represented. Wake your dream!


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Steve Moises is an illustrator & artist based in Los Angeles, CA

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