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Multimedia Artist & Director

Welcome to Tropic Salvi- where beach culture meets Mesoamerican folklore.


Thank you for visiting my little corner of the web. I'm an artist born in Los Angeles, CA. California has been my home and playground for most of my life. My art is inspired by the tropical landscapes and cultures that exist across the Pacific Coast.  A generation ago, my family resided in the tropical lands of El Salvador (Central America). We are descendants of indigenous peoples, and it brings me great joy to depict imagery of Mesoamerican culture in my artwork. 

If you're an artist or a fan, I welcome you to follow my creative journey on Instagram - @tropicsalvi. If you are a business owner or agent in need of creative services or licensing properties from my existing collection of art, please email me and I can direct you to more samples of my past and present works.

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My late father and two older brothers

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Digital Illustration

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Pattern Design


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Children's Book Art

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Editorial Illustration

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